20's Costumes

Roaring '20s Costumes

With Halloween fast approaching (as well as the 2020s), many people will be attracted to recreations of outfits from the 1920s. Characterized by flappers, ex-pat writers, and rags-to-riches stories, the '20s trends live on as an iconic shift in fashion that one can replicate with ease. Many resources exist that illustrate how to create the best roaring 20s costume.

Costume Considerations

When purchasing or creating a 1920s themed costume, the following should be taken into consideration:


  • Is the costume for a Halloween costume party, a themed holiday party, or an event with a 1920s twist that has become popular in speak-easy themed bars?
  • If dressing for a work party or formal event, the party-goer should choose a more conservative '20s-themed costume, such as a longer flapper dress with a period-appropriate fur coat.
  • Will the event-goer be sitting or walking around? Heels or uncomfortable shoes should be reconsidered if they will be on their feet for the majority of the event.

Time and Location

  • If the costume will be worn during a colder time of the year, especially if the event is located outside, those interested in this style of costume should choose weather appropriate clothing and accessories. For someone dressing as a flapper, tights, fur coats, and hats will keep them warm while staying in theme. For a person dressing as a writer, oil baron, or actor, pea coats were popular during the time.
  • A summer event warrants shorter dresses for flapper costumes and cotton and linen for suited individuals.

Price Points

  • Someone looking for a roaring 20s costume should consider how much they would like to spend. Do It Yourself (DIY) thrift-store options might be a good choice for someone not wanting to spend a lot, but Halloween, party, and costume stores keep '20s themed costumes in stock, especially during the Halloween season.
  • For more formal events, consignment stores or even new 1920s-style outfits may be necessary.

Benefits of a 1920s Costume

A roaring '20s costume is a versatile option to have on hand for any costumed events. With the right touches, a '20s styled costume can be dressed up for formal events or dressed down for casual events. A little makeup can transform the wearer into a ghost of bygones past. The style is popular enough that flapper dresses or vintage-style suits can be found year round.

A few of the most popular roaring '20s costumes include:

  • Flapper
  • Gangster
  • Old Hollywood Actor/Actress
  • Mob Boss
  • Newsie Child
  • Barbershop Quartet Performer
  • Writer
  • Zoot Suit

Top 5 Routes for "Roaring '20s Costume"

  1. HalloweenCostumes.com This website claims the largest selection of Halloween costumes in the world. Their selection of roaring 20s costumes is long and impressive, including filters for 'gangster' and "The Great Gatsby." Each character type has several different styles at various price points to suit any needs.
  2. Costume SuperCenter If you're looking to take advantage of a premade 20s costume, then costume supercenter is one of the best options out there. This website has costumes for men, women and children. 
  3. Party City With several store locations around the country, Party City is a good choice for acquiring a flapper costume on the fly. The website features several flapper options, but less in terms of gangsters or costumes for men.
  4. Vintage Dancer Vintage dancer is a website designed around providing access to various costumes of differnet eras. In addition, it backs up the information with fashion history. This section provides information on the 1920s as well as links to various products to help put together that 1920s costume.
  5. Spirit Halloween With a variety of gangster, flapper, and performer costumes and locations around the United States, Spirit Halloween is a good stop if looking for roaring 20s costumes.

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