70's Disco Costumes

Whether you remember grooving to "Stayin' Alive," "Night Fever," and "Y.M.C.A." or just want to pretend that you do, the 1970s were the time for thrilling disco songs. Discotheques became the place where people exchanged their real personalities for personas under the ever-revolving disco ball. For the first time in history, men were given the freedom to pimp and obsess about fashion as they followed the latest music released by Robin Gibb, Donna Summers, and Prince. If you are going to a disco party, want to create the look for Halloween, or just enjoy the style, then keep these facts in mind when creating '70s disco costumes.

'70s Disco Costume Considerations for Women

Individuality was highly prized during the 1970s, so do not fear if you cannot create an exact costume. A night out at a discotheque for a woman called for a miniskirt that gathered at the waist and flared out before ending mid-thigh. Most disco dresses had open backs. Get a brightly colored or sequin-covered shirt so that the disco ball's lights will glimmer off of it. The louder the colors, the better you will look. Pair your outfit with knee-high boots with a chunky heel or wedges. Consider a large Afro wig.

'70s Disco Costume Considerations for Men

A brightly colored shirt with a wide collar was a necessity when headed to the disco. Most guys paired them with bell-bottom jeans that were so big at the bottom that they were almost impossible to dance in at the disco. Pair your outfit with a pair of men's lace-up shoes featuring two distinct colors like black and white, or find a pair matching your shirt. Like women, many men wore large Afros. Other men feathered their hair back on the sides.

'70s Disco Costume Accessories

Both men and women wore bold gold and silver jewelry during the 1970s. Men often wore gold chains with large medallions. They made these highly visible by leaving the top two or three buttons of their shirts unbuttoned. Women often wore silver or gold bracelets that jangled as they danced. Many women wore flower pins in their hair to keep it back out of their face. Toe rings and ankle bracelets were popular as were big hoop earrings.

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