Costumes For Women

Halloween is around the corner ladies! That means it is time to start thinking about this year's adult costumes for women. This article will help you come up with the perfect costume idea to fit your plans and personality.

Halloween Headcount

Your first decision is whether you want a solo, couple, or group costume. Solo costumes are great because you have complete freedom of expression. The best part about Halloween is getting to fully embrace an alter ego that must lie dormant the other 364 days a year! On the other hand, couple and group costumes with the right people are a ton of fun. Having people to share in the make believe is magical, and you will get lots of compliments everywhere you go!

Visit the Genre Patch

Just as important as picking the perfect pumpkin is picking the best direction to go in. The next question you want to ask yourself is what genre you want to immerse yourself in. Do you want to go as super scary, a favorite character, a flirty version of something you see every day, an inside joke that only your friends will get, a current social phenomena that lots of people will get, an expression of something you love? The possibilities are endless and so will be the pictures and stories, so give this one careful thought!

Haunted House Party or Ghoul's Night Out

Knowing what your plans are will help you make the other decisions. If you're going to be at a family friendly party with kids or handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, you want to choose something a bit less risqué. Dressing up as characters that kids know and love is really fun because they treat you like celebrities! If you are headed out for a night on the town, make sure your costume includes a way to stay warm when you are outside yet is not cumbersome when you are inside. If you will be walking a lot or dancing, remember that nothing will haunt your evening like uncomfortable wardrobe malfunctions! If you are attending or hosting a party, visit Delish for some great Halloween treat recipes!

Make Or Buy

Once you decide what you want to be, who you want to be with, and what you want to do, the last remaining question is where to get the costume. There are advantages to both making and buying your costume!

Advantages to Making:

  • You will be the only one wearing your costume.
  • You can customize it.
  • It can be a lot cheaper.
  • You can start with things you already own.
  • You can make use things you will use during the rest of the year.

Advantages to Buying:

  • It is easy, quick, and convenient.
  • You cannot mess it up.
  • You can still add accents to make it unique.
  • It can be cheap if you are flexible.
  • If you are going as a couple or group, it makes it easy to be cohesive.

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