White Dresses

People rave about the "little black dress," but often neglect the importance of the perfect white dress! They are not just for brides! This article calls attention to all white dresses: how to wear them, this season's hottest styles, and where to find them!

Why White?

White dresses are more than fashionable. They have the following practical advantages:

  • When it is warm, white does not absorb heat.
  • Color trends are fleeting, but white is timeless.
  • Most white dresses double as both fancy and casual because it is easy to transform them with accessories.

How to Wear White Dresses

We know not to wear a white dress to a wedding where we are not the bride, but white dresses are otherwise fair game! Even the "no white after Labor Day" rule does not apply. White dresses are fashion canvasses. Throw on a dark blazer and pumps for work. Add a cute cardigan or scarf in seasonal hues for brunch. Dress it up with jewelry for a night out. Swap a short skirt for one long and flowing to make an elegant statement.

Hottest White Dresses

One reason women shy away from white dresses is because we are told white makes us look heavy. We also think white is only for spring and summer. Both are myths! Follow these tips for figure-flatting white dress styles this fall and winter:

  • Thin white sweater dresses layered with darker warm accessories gives all the elegance of white without making you look bulky.
  • Velvet is a trending fabric that looks great in shades of white and feels distinctly autumnal and wintery.
  • Lace is timeless and fits every season, and the breakup with a different shade underneath prevents the washed-out appearance.
  • Ivory, eggshell, cream, and pearl are all great members of the white dress family that are perfect for fall and winter and flattering for all figures.

Top 10 Routes for "White Dresses"

  1. Revolve.com Revolve currently offers a vast array of the "Little White Dress" in styles and shades to match every occasion, body shape, and personality.
  2. Nordstrom.com Nordstrom currently offers a large selection of sophisticated white dresses perfect for professional and family occasions in fall and winter styles.
  3. Planet Blue Even in fall and winter (and sometimes especially then!), we crave the Bohemian beach vibe that white dresses are perfect for. Planet Blue specializes in this style.
  4. Zappos.com If you have fancy occasion coming up, Zappos currently offers elegant white evening dresses in a variety of prints, styles, and shades.
  5. Simplydresses.com Simply Dresses is another expert in the Little White Dress. They have the perfect party dresses.
  6. Oshopolive.com Shop Olive is another great provider of the Bohemian white dress. They specialize in both stylish and comfortable.
  7. Target.com Target currently has a great variety of white dresses at reasonable prices. They offer the most current styles from a variety of brands.
  8. Gilt.com The good part about the myth that white ends in summer is that great white dresses (that you can totally wear in fall and winter) often go on sale around this time. Gilt currently holds amazing sales on excellent white dresses.
  9. Anthropologie.com Anthropologie combines the Little White Dress with the Bohemian white dress like no other. Explore their unique variety for this season.
  10. Lovetoknow.com Once you own a white dress or two, Love to Know has some more great tips for how best to wear it. Enjoy your new white dress style!

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