Your Guide to the Little Black Dress

Your Guide to The Little Black Dress

The little black dress (LBD) is a style staple that can be dressed up or down easily with the right accessories. There are many different styles and silhouettes available for the little black dress, making finding the right one for any body shape and personality easy. Looking for tips to find the perfect little black dress? Need advice on how to style a little black dress? Keep reading!

How to Choose the Right Little Black Dress

When shopping for a little black dress it can be easy to become overwhelmed, but by keeping these tips in mind, dress success if a sure thing. Follow these tips to find a little black dress that will stand the test of time.

  • Think Classic and Timeless It can be easy to fall for what is trendy and hot at the moment, but look for a dress that with a classic silhouette and style. Avoid little black dresses that have a lot of detail such as studding, rhinestones and embroidery and stick to timeless elements such as a great shape and quality material like silk or velvet.
  • Try It On To truly judge a little black dress, it needs to be tried it on. Dresses that look underwhelming on the hanger can look beautiful when tried on, and dresses that look pretty on the hanger can look terrible when tried on. Try on a variety of dresses to narrow down the most flattering styles and cuts.
  • Buy Quality Although it can be tempting to buy a dress based on its low price, when buying a little black dress, it is important to invest so that it will last for years to come. Look for a dress that is made with quality materials and features that will last.
  • Complement the Figure Have favorite parts of the body (such as legs or shoulders)? Show them off! Find a dress that highlights these favorite body parts to step out in confidence.
  • Think Comfort No matter how pretty a dress is, it won't be worn if it is uncomfortable. When shopping look for a dress that isn't too tight or scratchy. Make sure it is stretchy and adjustable so that it can be worn and moved in comfortably. The dress should not only look good but feel good too.
  • Look for Versatility Look for a dress that can do double duty by being dressed up for elegant and sophisticated events, and dressed down for casual and informal events. It's amazing how the look of the right little black dress can be transformed by changing the jewelry, accessories and shoes.

Styling a Little Black Dress

A little black dress is an iconic fashion item because it can be worn and styled in so many ways. A few of the easiest ways to change up the look of a little black dress include:

  • Shoes Changing the shoes that you pair with a LBD can transform the look. Combat boots can give the dress an edgy vibe, strappy sandals can make the dress relaxed and boho, pointed black heels can provide timeless sophistication, running shoes can create a sporty vibe and the style options go on and on.
  • Jewelry A quick change of jewelry can change the look of a little black dress easily. Big and chunky jewelry can give a bold vibe and subtle sparkles can create an elegant and classy look.
  • Jackets There are many jacket options for a little black dress depending on the desired look. A moto jacket, blazer, cardigan or shawl can all be worn for style and warmth.
  • Tights Solid opaque tights, sheer tights, printed tights, colored or no tights are all stylish options to pair with a LBD.

Top 5 Routes for "Little Black Dresses"

  1. This site has a great variety of stylish little black dresses that are perfect for formal and casual occasions.
  2. Nordstrom has every style of little black dress imaginable including short and sleek, long and romantic, classic and timeless, fun and trendy and more.
  3. This site allows for gorgeous designer dresses to be rented, worn and enjoyed for a few days without the hefty designer price tag. Choose from a wide selection in their little black dress section and rent using their flexible rental options.
  4. Simply Dresses specializes in dresses, making it easy to find a little black dress for any occasion and style preference.
  5. This website has a wide selection of designer dresses at many different price points which makes finding the perfect little black dress easy.

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