Heels are more than just shoes – they are an accessory that makes a fashion statement. Those who wear heels exemplify a level of confidence and skill that is saved for a select few. In other words, heels shoes, while an attractive choice for any foot, take some mastery in order to easily stride in them.

Additionally, there are so many styles and designs to make every customer happy. Finding one's sole mate can seem like a daunting task, but don't fret! There are some simple things to keep in mind that will explain everything a shopper needs to know about heels.


There are so many different styles of high heels; there's a pair for everyone! While there is a vast array of choices, there are a handful that are considered the most popular.

  • Pumps Pumps are extremely popular. They typically have a tall heel, although the height varies per shoe, that are considered thin, but thicker than stilettos, with a toe that is pointed. What's prettier than a paif of red shoes heels?
  • Stilettos Stilettos are also popular. With an edgier appearance than pumps, these shoes also have a high heel that is very thin.
  • Wedges Wedges are an excellent choice for everyone. Considered an 'easier' option as far as movement, these shoes have a more solid heel that runs across the bottom of the shoe which offers more support.
  • Platforms Platforms are similar to both pumps and stilettos, however, they also have a layer of 'heel' under the toe as opposed to only on the heel.


As with any piece of fashion, high heels are offered in different prices. There is one key thing to remember when considering price points: you get what you pay for. Fashionable heels may have a stigma of expense attached to them, but you want to purchase a high-quality pair of shoes that is going to hold your body through daily activities!

The price of your high heels is related to the amount of material that goes into craftsmanship, so you want to make sure that pair of shoes you love has been made from supportive materials.


High heels are made of different materials that range from plastic to leather to animal hides. Why is the material and craftsmanship important? In addition to determining price, the craft of heels is essential to both the life and support of your shoes. Just like paper wouldn't make a safe home, cheaply made shoes aren't going to give you a safe stride.


Comfort is essential to happiness with your heels! You want your shoe to fit comfortably on your foot so you can confidently move about. Aching heels and sore toes are terrible, and heel issues can be avoided by ensuring those beautiful heels fit your feet like a glove – or a shoe.

The Key to Moving in Heels

Keeping in mind how important comfort is to loving your heels, something everyone must master is walking in heels. Watching your posture and ensuring a proper fit are two of the most helpful points on which to focus. However, practice makes perfect!

Mastering the graceful stride is going to take more than simply wearing the heels in front of the mirror. Practice often and keep that back straight!

Top 5 Routes for "Heels"

  1. Clickliss.com This particular page acts as a one-stop guide to explore the many different types of high heels. In addition to the styles mentioned above, the writers at Clickless have summed up every type of heel on the market to help shoppers determine their ideal style.
  2. Today.com This page is extremely helpful in learning how to easily walk in those heels. Simple steps can be followed to keep you happy and safe while you're strolling around in those beautiful heels.
  3. Heels.com At heels.com, the high heels jackpot has successfully been hit! With tons of styles and heel heights, they have everything a heel lover could want. If you're open to providing your email address, you'll also receive a 30% off your first order coupon.
  4. Fashionisers.com Here's a website that is perfect to help you determine the appropriate heel height to provide your feet with maximum comfort and sexiness.
  5. Realsimple.com For more information on keeping your feel happy in heels, head over to realsimple.com. They've compiled a list of seven important tidbits for the high heel master in you.

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